The Best Power Washing Cleaners to Remove the Toughest Stains Around the House

What chemicals should I place hereHaving trouble with pesky stains? Most homes seem to have a litter with stains on their walls, in their garages, around their pipes, whether they’re rust, oil, grease or something even worse. Chemical stains like these can be hard to avoid and even harder to get rid of, especially on porous surfaces like concrete pavement. Stains like these can be major eyesores that only get worse with time. Fortunately, from the help of Andrew Thompson, VTMobilePressureWash in Houston has recored how he’s sprucing up homes in his local vicinity.

While superficial messes can be cleaned up with heavy duty brushes or steel wool, chemical spills that seep into household surfaces can’t just be scrubbed away. Even more frustrating, regular household cleaners often do not do the trick, including all-purpose cleaners and detergents with bleach components. When the usual scrubbing and cleaners aren’t quite cutting it, many homeowners turn to power washing as their last resort. Power washing can be great, using high-pressure water or cleaner to eradicate deep set chemicals, and stains can be incredibly useful and effective, but there are downsides.

Homeowners often turn to the wrong type of cleaners and detergents. Sometimes these detergents do not include the proper chemical ingredients to break down the hard to remove stains. Other cleaners leave behind their stains, white marks, and residue that can leave stains and surfaces looking even worse than before. Still other cleaners are horrible for the environment and can find their way into your pipes, into your lawn, and other undesirable places.

With all this in mind, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the thought of power washing stains off home surfaces. Luckily, there is an answer and by making a few smart choices, power washing can become easier than you ever thought. By the way if you live in Humble, Texas VTMobile Pressure Wash can help you – check them out.

When thinking about power washing anything in or around your home, you should always make sure that you have the proper equipment. Power washing uses high-pressure techniques combined with powerful cleaning agents to blast away tough stains and messes. Always make sure that you are using the proper equipment and have a strong knowledge of how to use it before you attempt to power wash.

Aside from having the proper equipment that offers solid, consistent high-pressure release, the choice of detergent or cleaner is the most important.

When removing oil or grease-based stains, power washing with an alkaline degreasing cleaner is always best. This can be a liquid or powder. Alkaline degreasers help to loosen or lift grease from surfaces and out of porous materials, like concrete. Solve-Rite is a great chemical cleaner that can be used as a general cleaner. As a high foaming concentrated cleaning agent, Solve-Rite can be used in some different ways. Though it is often used in high-pressure machines to break down tough stains, it can also be used as a hand scrubbing cleaner, a steam cleaning agent, or as a floor scrubber. Its versatility makes it useful to always have around the house, but its toughness makes it a good match for any grease based stain. Solve-Rite is also versatile enough to be used on a variety of different surfaces including concrete and all types of metal.

Rust is another type of stain that gets in deep and is difficult to remove. To remove and break up chemical stains like these, homeowners should typically turn to an oxalic acid cleaner of some type. Often, homeowners will power wash with some form of crystallized oxalic acid, which is powerful and highly concentrated. One affordable but still a powerful option is Dalys Oxalic Acid Crystals, which also acts as a bleaching powder. When used with a power cleaning machine, oxalic acid is almost unbeatable and used on a large variety of surfaces such as concrete, metals, and even wood. Recently, oxalic acid has become one of the main components of the growing trend to acid wash wooden decks in order to get a deep clean and remove tough stains.

While all of the above cleaners, solvents, and detergents are not harmful to the environment when used properly, there is a small chance the residue and trace amounts can get into surfaces and areas you didn’t anticipate, including onto your pipes and lawn. If you’re concerned about getting any of these chemical substances on your lawn or you are simply environmentally conscious, there are a number of different green options available.

One of the best options of green or sustainable cleaners is the Krud Kutters line. Krud Kutters products come in several different varieties, including household spray bottles and deep cleaning power washing detergents and liquid cleaners. While Krud Kutters offers specialty cleaners, their multi-purpose pressure washing cleaner is very versatile and compatible with most surfaces, including brick, concrete, wood, fiberglass, stucco, vinyl, and metal. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly cleaner that can tackle multiple different types of stains or messes, the multi-purpose pressure washing cleaner cannot be beaten. Krud Kutters products are biodegradable and water based. Although they may not have some of the deeper cleaning chemical agents, Krud Kutters are far better for the environment.

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Home owners should always be sure to check the labels on whatever power washing detergent, cleaner, or solvent you choose to buy. Although there are many great options on the market, you should always be careful not to bring home something too strong or dangerously concentrated. Be wary of industrial cleaners that can be harmful to your home, your environment, and yourself. Industrial cleaners often require special equipment and are typically handled by trained professionals. Finally, cleaners of all types contain strong and potential harmful chemicals. You should always be sure to keep these chemicals in areas that are not accessible to small children or pets.

Dealing with stains around the house that are hard to remove can be frustrating for any home owner. Finding the perfect power washing detergent, cleaner, or solvent can be difficult, especially if you are a novice to it. However, once you know the type of chemicals to look for and the brands of cleaners to seek out, it can be a painless, easy process.

Expsolar- the Best You’ll Get

Any basic carpet cleaning company will not go above and beyond with their pre-treatment chemical; it adds extra, not needed costs from out of that company’s pocket. Plus, if they use a real, high-end chemicals in their pre-treatment, they take a chance of over using and wasting the pricey chemical. Most companies will just use plain old white vinegar, tap water, and rubbing alcohol in their pre-treatment chemical. So, if those companies are using cheap, everyday chemicals to treat your carpet, why are you paying an arm and a leg for their services?

Expsolar is not just your everyday combination of grocery store ingredients. Expsolar uses the top most powerful ingredients in its pre-treatment spray. Without using any harmful chemicals, Expsolar has had the best results while being a replacement for a typical pre-treatment spray. There is no extra amount of time needed for Expsolar to work either. If you find yourself to be in a rush and need to get a deep, penetrating cleaning finished before your guests come, Expsolar has got your back. Expsolar will provide better results in half the time in comparison to the typical pre-treatment solution that you use.

There is nothing to hide with Expsolar; simple, but powerful combinations of the different compartments that comprise Expsolar allow you a safer, cheaper, and more effective cleaning solution.

Expsolar will not damage your carpets. Matter of fact, Expsolar only helps to keep your carpets looking like they are brand new. Other competition companies will charge you a ridiculous amount just to steam clean your carpet, and leave your carpet looking a bit better when they leave. Why pay for a service like that? The pre-treatment solution Expsolar will clean and protect your carpet, without costing you an outrageous rate.

If you are worried about Expsolar hurting the environment, by evaporating and leaving dangerous chemicals in the air, water, and on your carpet, you will be pleased to hear that Expsolar only uses chemicals that mankind has been around for decades. Expsolar is a pre-treatment chemical that your grandmother would be proud to use. What this also means is that your family will be safe to live around this pre-treatment. Expsolar will not cause harm to your family’s skin, breathing, or such; Expsolar is safe for you, your family, your pets, and the environment. Expsolar will also be safe to use around someone in your family who has an allergy to typical cleaning solutions; Expsolar is not the typical cleaning solution. With no chance of negatively affecting your family, Expsolar is sure to be the best cleaning solution for you to use on your carpets.

How effective is the Expsolar pre-treatment solution? More effective than the solution that you are currently using. Expsolar has the ability to really dig down deep in your carpet and truly give your carpet the best cleaning it has ever gotten; Expsolar is like a spa treatment for your carpet. Who would not want their carpet to stand out and make your house look like it belongs in a magazine? Even if there is deep mud stains, dried blood, coffee spills, or wine stains, Expsolar will be able to loosen up those stains and remove them from your carpet. If your carpet is years old and has stains that are older than your favorite pair of jeans, Expsolar will be able to remove those stains. Expsolar will provide you with the top results that every professional carpet cleaning company wished they could deliver to their customers; and you will be sure to make all of your friends envy you when they find out that you did not have to pay an outrageous amount of money for a brand new carpet. Your beaten down carpet is guaranteed to give you dramatic, instant results; there is no need for multiple treatments with Expsolar for the results that you dream of.

So, how do you know for sure that Expsolar is the right brand for you? Well, who would not want carpets that are pristinely cleaned, with little effort, and little money on your part? If you find that you have neglected your carpet for years and desperately need a good, deep cleaning with little cost on your part, than Expsolar is the best brand for you to choose to work with. Who would not want to go with a better quality cleaning for a lower price? That is what Expsolar is all about; a lower price, with a higher quality cleaning.

Now you may be asking what the catch is. That is the best part! There is no catch! Expsolar will simply deliver the best results you could ever hope for, for a price that is shockingly low. With this information, why would you go back to your old carpet cleaning pre-treatment solution?

So, what really is there left to say about Expsolar? All that there is left to say is that Expsolar is the best carpet cleaning pre-treatment brand out there that you can use. You will get your stunning results in half the time, for a lower price; and you will get your carpet looking better than it did when you purchased it. The only other way that you could achieve results like these is if you bought a brand new carpet. Expsolar can give you a result to make you and your friends think that you truly did buy a brand new carpet!

The Importance of a Carpet Pre-Treatment

If you find yourself often wondering what your carpet technician is spraying on your carpet prior to leaving, look no further. The spray that is being layered on your carpet is a solution, which is a pre-treatment, will give you and your carpet many advantages, without adding on a large, extra charge. Before your carpet gets cleaned, the technician will spray on your pre-treatment before cleaning and wait; this is treatment will help to maintain your carpet and keep it in pristine condition.

Every day, there is dirt and soil that contacts your footwear; this dirt and debris often sticks to fibers of your carpet. This can lead to stained carpets, worn down looking carpets, and other types of troubles with your carpets. If you are the type of individual who believes that cleaning your carpets and vacuuming will be able to maintain your carpet, you need to keep in mind that those acts of cleaning will not be able to get a deep cleaning in your carpet.

Carpet pre-treatments will be able to preserve your carpets; this is the main importance behind the pre-treatment for your carpet. Another big benefit with using the carpet pre-treatment is that there will never be an issue with any debris settling inside of your carpet; this will help to prevent any stains or wearing down of your carpet. You will find that as the more you wear down your carpet, the more likely you will need to use the carpet pre-treatment.

The pre-treatment solution even has the ability to get rid of musty smells, and even dangerous chemicals. Pre-treatments even have the ability to prevent carcinogens from cigarettes from collecting inside of your carpet. In order to protect your home, your children, your pets, and yourself, you need to make sure that the surfaces that you come in contact with are as clean as they possibly can be. By using a pre-treatment spray, you will be able to make your carpets safe to be around, last longer, and look and feel like they are as good as brand new.